Why adventure?

A question that I am often asked is: why go on adventures? Why deliberately set out on journeys which will inevitably and frequently involve pain, risk, fear, and exhaustion?

I think the best answer, to put it briefly, is that adventures make me come alive, they put me to the test, and create a situation where I must dig deep to find (or perhaps build) character, perseverance, and creativity, in order to get through these obstacles and challenges.

These challenges may take the form of a blizzard-swept mountain pass, an empty desert, a very, very long road to walk down, or an unmapped track through a jungle. I know that when I come face-to-face with these situations, I often wish I were safely back home.

But I also know that once I have got through them (or even if I have had to turn back in failure), I will have been forced to grow, and have lived a more fully alive human life, which is moving in the right direction of growth.