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Is this the best way to teach others? (is it the only way?)

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A year ago, we had our first child – a baby boy!  And then I came across this quote by Albert Schweitzer: “There are only three ways to teach a

Masterclass workshops now available

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Want to try something totally different for your talent development programme? This year I have been really pleased to further develop my Masterclass workshops, which I have successfully run with

Is it worth trying to predict beyond 5 years?

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Had the great privilege this week to give a speech at the Gartner Symposium in India. Gartner is one of the world’s leading IT advisory firms, so I was fascinated

Do you fear being disliked? This could help.

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Recently my wife was chatting with a friend. The friend had a successful career, but felt discouragd. She was not sure why, so she spent some time with a therapist.

The secret to success? Two of the world’s richest men agreed on the same thing

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I recently watched a documentary about Warren Buffet. The film touched on his friendship with Bill Gates. Before they knew each other well, someone asked them both to sit down

What does it mean to be human? (Interview by Fredrik Haren)

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Earlier this week I caught up with my mentor Fredrik Haren in Hong Kong.  Fredrik is one of world’s best keynote speakers on Creativity and Creating Truly Global Companies (he has

The Benefits of a Healthy Sense of Humour?

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I often have a tendency to take myself too seriously. But I have more fun, and get more motivated, when I have a healthy sense of the absurd. Whilst cycling across

The depressing-sounding question you should ask yourself regularly…

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This question has really helped me overcome fears. Riding our bicycles through Siberia at minus 30 Centigrade, my friend Al and I came to a cluster of huts. A small

People Matters HR Conference in Mumbai

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Thanks to Gautam Ganglani from Right Selection- The Speakers Bureau+ and Ester Martinez from People Matters for inviting me to speak to a brilliant and engaged crowd of HR leaders

How to Increase Resilience for Yourself and Your Teams – Six Tips from an Adventurer’s Perspective

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Resilience means the ability to keep going in the face of, and to bounce back from, setback. An entrepreneur’s key client goes bankrupt. An investor’s investments go awry. A marketing manager