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Speaking at Volvo Ocean Race, in Hong Kong

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Great privilege to give a talk at the Volvo Ocean Race event in Hong Kong this week for the Swedish and German Chambers of Commerce. Interesting to reflect together on

Keynote for OrthoClinical Diagnostics in Hong Kong

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Thanks so much to Ortho Clinical Diagnostics for inviting me to give closing keynote at their interesting regional event in Hong Kong this week.  Great Q & A at the end, and

Short summary of Peter Thiel’s book “Zero to One”

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My takeaways from Peter Thiel’s provocative book, Zero to One. Thiel founded Paypal and is involved with numerous successful tech companies: – If you want to succeed, don’t just slightly

We are the average of the people we spend time with

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Have you written down the names of 3-5 people you’d like to spend more time with this year? Jim Rohn (the motivational speaker) famously noted that we’re the average of

Does winning this prize entitle me to call myself an “award winning”?

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Does winning this prize entitle me to call myself an “award winning”? Technically, yes. But actually, no. The prize was in a competition for a company that makes beach wheels,

A habit I started last year that I’m very glad about

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One of the new habits that I enjoyed forming last year (and I will keep this year) was to almost entirely give up the news! According to Shawn Achor‘s research,