Rob Lilwall’s journey is amazing. His story is a great way for organizations to deliver a unique way of thinking, focusing on the growth mindset, the importance of clear goals, self-focus, reflection, perseverance, connections, risk-taking and problem solving.

Rob recently joined us for a motivational session with our Agents. I found the session to be very useful because it was different from the usual motivational speakers and involved the Agents very effectively. Rarely have I seen all the Agents so engaged with the speaker, as they were with Rob, myself included!

Rob is a true inspiration and a great story teller! It was the end of the day at our recent event and the audience was engaged right through listening intently. His experiences could certainly draw parallels from business! Thank you Rob! Learning on the Road has taught me few things!

Rob held the closing keynote during our annual Family Day (FD17) with more than 1000 guests. His entertaining speech about his travels and insights into his challenges and adventures was very inspiring. The key learnings that Rob presented were a great asset and nicely supported our overall message of the conference. Our audience of start-ups and investors had a clear benefit in the transformation from travel and adventure to founding and financing start-ups!

We had Rob Lilwall share his stories and adventures with several groups of staff – from our leadership team to our potential leaders. He also spoke at our Consumer Banking conferences. Rob is able to translate and relate his experiences into impactful learning for all. Rob understands how to inspire and motivate his participants by pitching his talks to the different levels of audiences. I like the worksheets that he prepared for the participants – a practical takeaway for everyone.

Rob is an excellent speaker with a brilliant story to tell and important and thoughtful personal development tips to take from his tales. His talk was highly engaging with the audience hooked from the opening. On top of all this Rob was highly responsive and easy to co-ordinate with in the lead up to the event. Overall a real pleasure to work with!

Rob’s talk exceeded all our expectations. Rob was able to articulate the connection between overcoming his personal life challenges on his 3 year 50,000 km cycling journey from Siberia to UK and connect these lessons with the challenges we face in the corporate world. Rob pushed us to explore outside our comfort zone, by showing us the different between Growth Vs Fixed mindset and how to leverage stress rather than be constrained by it.

Rob was an outstanding keynote speaker at our 2017 Radius Travel Global Summit, earning attendee ratings of 4.8 on a scale of 1 to 5 (excellent). The audience consisted of executives from travel management companies from nearly 30 countries. Rob brought humility, a great sense of humor, and real likability to his story of cycling from Siberia to the UK over nearly 3 years, and his messages of perseverance, tackling challenges and engaging with diverse peoples and cultures were perfect for our audience. I found Rob easy to work with during the preparation process, open to my thoughts on what would work for our conference while confident based on his speaking experience about how to approach his presentation. Rob helped make this important event very successful for Radius Travel.

Rob was a fabulous keynote speaker for our 2017 Global Summit in Shanghai. He brilliantly tailored his themes around embracing challenge and collaboration to suit our global audience, and his captivating personality and story ended with a standing ovation from the room. We couldn’t have asked for better!

Rob presented his fascinating, inspirational and fun story at the Hyatt Directors of Finance Summit for Asia Pacific in February 2017. The feedback that we have received from the attendees was very positive and I would not hesitate to recommend him.

Rob spoke at an internal conference for FTI Consulting bringing to life his expeditions to provide some lessons for the corporate world on goal setting, problem solving, resilience, collaboration and receiving help. I would highly recommend Rob as an engaging speaker and a great storyteller. Rob helped us create a powerful and positive end to our day.

Rob spoke for 300 audience, with absolutely fascinating impact! He’s such a great speaker, very interactive, humorous, and most of all, inspiring. Rob’s talk has nicely enhanced our new behaviors – Creativity, Confidence, Collaboration. Extremely impressed and enjoyable session to all of us.

In previous years, speakers at Asian Private Banker’s Family Office Summit have included Kenneth Taylor (“The real hero of Argo”) and Al Gore (45th Vice-President of the United States). This year we had Rob Lilwall, and he certainly did not let us down.  Through a combination of endearing humility and granite determination, Rob delighted and motivated a riveted audience.

Rob cleverly takes lessons from his adventures & applies them to business, whether it be management or sales. There are not enough original speakers with positive takeaways for their audiences, Rob Lilwall is surely one.

We had the privilege of hearing from Rob at a recent gathering of law firm leaders. Rob was amazing. His presentation was captivating, funny, motivational and relevant to our audience. A number of our guests have expressed interest in having Rob involved with their own events. I highly recommend him.

Rob gave an outstanding motivational talk to our team in London. The team were from 7 countries across Asia and he managed to connect with them all. His style is humble yet the passion shines through and he engaged you with his compelling story and the decisions he had to make. He drew a parallel between this and business life which I think hit home hard with our team. Great talk.

Rob brings a degree of authenticity that is difficult to find these days. His message is grounded in humble personal experience and connects some very real and essential elements of human nature to the business world. Refreshingly different!

Rob shared his incredible and inspiring adventure with us. What I appreciated most is Rob’s ability connect to the audience, translate his experiences into daily business and show you can stay positive in the most challenging circumstances!

I had the pleasure of listening to Rob’s incredible story last week.

The perseverance and dedication to complete the journey was great to listen to. Rob translated many of his experiences into what we all face on a day-to-day basis through work in the corporate field.

If you are ever looking for an inspirational speaker and leader, I could not recommend Rob enough…it will get you thinking about your dreams and goals in a very simple but effective perspective.

We were lucky enough to have Rob Lilwall speak at our Annual Conference for our hotel Sales and Marketing teams, in June of 2015; not only was his speech engaging, funny, and inspirational but Rob also demonstrated to the audience how it was relevant to the key themes of our conference, specifically tailoring his presentation after a detailed briefing session with the leadership team. I cannot thank Rob enough and I look forward to any opportunity in the future to hear him present once more.

I recently leveraged Rob Lilwall as part of a company quarterly business review. He was nothing short of amazing and very good at linking his life experiences with the corporate and professional world. Rob speaks with conviction, passion and eloquently describes the importance of team work, setting goals and powering through adversity.

I was fortunate to have the privilege of enjoying Rob regale my audience with his unique story, pragmatic wisdom, and his sincere empathy for our focus on the “Future of Work” recently in Hong Kong. His style, his content, and his character captivated the room, and the level of engagement was palpable… he made every person feel as if they were having a personal conversation with him, and the result was 100% delivery on the intent of his message… it resonated and left the audience truly moved. I encourage anyone looking to produce these types of experiences and results to connect with Rob and share your needs; I guarantee he will deliver beyond expectation.

I have just had the pleasure of having Rob speak at our regional conference. A down-to-earth yet inspiring speaker whom had my team engrossed and engaged from beginning to end. Rob’s skill is in his ability to weave real life and business lessons into his session without ever breaking away from what is a truly captivating story. As such you are learning without it ever seeming like you are bring taught…a rare skill.

It is my pleasure to recommend Rob to anyone looking for a professional and engaging speaker. Rob was one of our keynote presenters at an event we held in Bangkok in March 2015, for 2000 of our top performers. His presentation style made the audience comfortable and his story of adventures around the world captured people’s attention. While his topic is not directly related to our line of business, Rob easily found ways to link his stories to the daily challenges associated to our line of work, and was able to complement with real life experiences that made him ever more credible as a speaker. I highly recommend Rob and would not hesitate to work with him again in the future

Rob came to speak at our annual sales conference. He pitched his delivery perfectly at the audience and used his amazing experiences to encourage us all to ask ourselves what we are really capable of – just the message I was looking to communicate! Rob has a disarming charm and wonderful tendency to downplay the audacity and magnitude of his achievements. He doesn’t set himself up as a poster child adventurer – more a normal guy with some determination and imagination who has achieved some special things. I spoke to all of the attendees afterwards and they all gave great feedback. It was the ideal uplifting and inspiring way to end our conference.

We were extremely fortunate to have Rob as a motivational speaker at one of our larger customer conferences. The adventures he has experienced and the challenges he overcame during his long journeys are truly inspiring.

In addition to being a truly genuine person and absolute pleasure to work with Rob also did an excellent job of engaging the audience and draw parallels between lessons learned on the road to everyday life, both personal and business.

Rob worked with us to be part of a session for our senior key talents. Rob came across as extremely personable and the authenticity of his experiences made his sharing extremely powerful. Candid, humorous and yet thought provoking, he managed to weave his experiences in line with the principles we were advocating in this sharing. What a great sharing

Rob presents extremely well and brings a deep insight into how to view and overcome many different levels of challenge. His enthusiasm for pushing himself to the limits and testing the unknown certainly helps individuals self-reflect using a similar mirror to help them understand both what is important to them while also allowing them at the same time to challenge themselves and their thinking around what is possible rather than focusing on what may seem impossible.

Rob is also extremely easy to work with and is prepared to adapt and dovetail his presentation and style to what may suit your business need, although I found that no adaptation was required and his natural style works perfectly well and this is further enhanced by his approachable nature and a willingness to share.

I would strongly recommend Rob and believe if you are looking for an inspirational thought provoking presenter then you will not be disappointed.

I attended an event hosted by my firm recently and found his presentation generated feelings of inspiration, admiration and in some cases consternation as he navigated through dangerous terrain and situations. I think all of us in the room took something special away from his speech, including a great deal of humour, and I look forward to hearing about his new and similarly exciting new travels with his wife. Best wishes for the future Rob. Great stuff!

All this talk of facing fears and overcoming obstacles sounds like marketing patter for Lilwall’s current career as a motivational speaker. But with Lilwall, it’s hard not to believe it.

Thank you for sharing with us your incredibly real and adventurous journey. It truly exemplifies the need to persevere through adversity, and how to have a deep passion for life.

I highly recommend Rob’s sharing for companies who are looking to inspire their organizations to take the next lap in their transformation journey. We all need a sense of adventure, resilience and grit to achieve our goals – not unlike Rob’s adventure across 30,000 miles through Siberia and various parts of the world!

Rob is a great adventurist and an excellent speaker cum presenter. I found his story very inspiring and motivational. Most of all his honest and determined approach to the arduous task definitely encouraged me to set goals that are achievable.

Rob presents a great story of a great adventure. His presentation was delivered with passion and humor. The experiences he shared connected well with our colleagues not only because it was fascinating but also because his ‘key attitudes of adventure’ seemed very applicable to the challenges we face in the workplace.

The feedback has been extremely positive, and it helped creating a more positive “can do” spirit in a time of great challenges and extreme workload.

We have had many conferences, and many after-dinner speakers, and without doubt Rob Lilwall was one of the very best. His journey is fascinating and his talk and style highly engaging, filled with humour, and makes good use of video and pictures. It works very well in the corporate environment with great messages about overcoming challenges and being resourceful.

Thank you for your excellent contribution to our 2011 Asia Pacific Director of Finance Conference… it was a real inspiration to everyone listening. I like the way that you tailored your presentation to tie into the key messages of our conference…

Humorous, unassuming and definitely inspiring…. Rob did a fabulous job in sharing his experiences with our team.  He was able to weave in and bring to life some of the key thoughts and teaching points surrounding the program

Rob Lilwall’s drive and determination is an inspiration to all.  Who would have thought that such a simple thing like riding a bicycle could create such emotion that we can do anything regardless of any adversity faced.

Your story is fascinating and your presentation of it was engrossing.  This was plainly evident by the amount of questions that you were asked despite your presentation taking place at the end of a long day (and well into the scheduled drinks time)!

Rob’s story about getting beyond borders and taking calculated risks, following dreams and persevering in the face of obstacles was extremely motivating and added great value to our conference. He kept the audience captivated with his anecdotes and inspired to be more creative and innovative in their own lives.

Rob was exactly the ticket for our conference…his story was not only epic and inspirational, but also perfectly suited to help people realize the only real limitations are those we put upon ourselves.

The most inspirational talk I have ever had. Rob demonstrates many key take-aways that perfectly fit our students’ and alumni’s professional development: respecting others, staying positive, being a good communicator, planning ahead, setting goals, and networking. Sometimes we will all face negative or discouraging moments: Rob inspired us to believe that what keeps us moving is determination

A truly incredible story that captured the hearts of our audience! His extraordinary adventure was achieved through out-of-the-box thinking, creative problem-solving and determination. These lessons were vividly conveyed. We highly recommend him as a guest speaker.

Speaking on live experiences coping in extreme environments Rob was able to tie in how such expeditions are relevant to day-to-day business, the true meaning of following your passion, never giving up regardless of situations and the true power and benefits of networking.  A fun evening, very motivating and on top of all that he was able to reel off financial terminology whilst presenting our awards.

Rob is a great story teller, with a wonderful story to tell. His story is inspiring, motivational and hard hitting, delivered in an extremely engaging and fun style. He correlates his story to the many real world challenges of work and life. His listeners are left with powerful messages on how to navigate adversity with fortitude, humour and a sense of adventure.

Your presentation was inspiring, entertaining and enlightening to all of us. What a refreshing look at the world of us as individuals and your summary of the “Attitudes of Adventure” was great.

You presented in a manner that was not only humorous and entertaining, but you still got your message across to the entire audience. That’s a hard combination to achieve and it was a great addition to other topics at our conference.

In my opinion you are a huge asset to ANY group who is looking for an amazing, and inspiring speaker. Your ability to connect to a variety of personalities and cultures is a true gift!

Rob spoke at the Standard Life strategy conference and his message was awe-inspiring. His ‘Attitudes of Adventure’ business parallels were directly relevant to the workplace and our staff were talking about it for quite some time afterwards. We would definitely hire him again. Money well spent.

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