“Never enough” – a challenging quote

Just read the first chapter of Brené Brown's challenging book "Daring Greatly." She quotes this extremely compelling paragraph from Lynne Twist: “For me, and for many of us, our first waking thought of the day is "I didn’t get enough sleep." The next one is "I don't...

Sneak preview of my new film

Sneak preview of the opening of my new film (about a solo walk across the world's second biggest sand desert- this is Rough Cut...

Summary of Dan & Chip Heath’s new book, The Power of Moments

Recently read Dan & Chip Heath’s latest book, The Power of Moments. It’s about how we usually leave the defining moments of life to chance, but there are in fact intentional ways we can CREATE defining moments. Here are my top takeaways: -Powerful moments usually come...

As part of my warm-up routine before a speech, I always try and find an inconspicuous spot to do some superman poses!

I do this because of what I learnt from Amy Cuddy’s amazing TED speech (the second most viewed TED of all time, with 46 million views). Doing “power poses” increases our confidence, makes us relax and gives us more presence.

And yet when someone catches me doing my pre-speech superman pose, and I mention that I am following Amy Cuddy’s advice, I am often amazed by how many of the corporate folks say they have never watched it.

If you haven’t, then I highly recommend it. A brilliant speech, with very practical, helpful advice.

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