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Calculated risk-taking in much of life and work more of an art than a science. We often do not know the level of potential risk, potential consequence or potential reward.

In some industries, such as power or telecomms, this is a matter of personal safety, not just business.

Earlier this month I was delighted to be invited to give a speech to HKBN on the theme of “staying safe on expeditions.” A few key takeaways – which apply to expeditions, to the workplace – and actually to all risk taking (even business risk taking):

  1. “The most dramatic dangers are not necessarily the most high risk ones.”
  2. “It is very easy to become complacent and careless… but this is when accidents happen.”
  3. “Just because we survived last time, this does not make us any more likely to survive next time.”
  4. “We do not just stay safe for our own sake, but for others. Think about the people in your life for whom you need to stay safe.”
  5. True courage is prepared to say “no, stop, wait” when we see something too risky.

Thank you NiQ Lai for inviting me back for my second speech to HKBN. Thank you too for the great HKBN T-shirt! Thank you to Vanessa Forbes for recommending me after I gave the same speech for you at CLP!

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