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Rob’s new showreel – with clips of Rob giving speeches and in NatGeo TV shows Please feel free to share with anyone who might be looking for a speaker for their conference. Thank you. Rob Lilwall Speaking Showcase Trailer 2018 (Short) from Rob Lilwall on...

Great fun to give a speech for St James Place Hong Kong team on Wednesday. My first speech of 2019, and launching into a new year, I was reminding us all (myself included!) of some core lessons learned from my adventures, which can apply to whatever we do, and which can really make a difference to how the year turns out:

  1. Embrace challenge & enjoy how the challenge makes us grow (with a growth mindset).
  2. Live courageously – harness our fears through understanding them.
  3. Remember we can’t make it on your own – build great networks, and intentionally and bravely seek out wise people to learn from.

Thanks so much to Zoe Pearson, Edward Stockreisser, and Matthew Deeprose for inviting me to speak (and thank you William Kruis for also recommending me).

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