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At two of the keynote speeches I have given at events this week (Thermo Fisher Scientific‘s EMEA conference in Dublin, and Globe Telecom‘s leadership conference in China, it was awesome to learn that both companies have a compelling “WHY” at the heart of their business.

ThermoFisher are leaders in the field of (among other things) life-changing medical technology. I was moved to learn of how their products are leading the way with more effective treatment for childhood disease. Now that is a “WHY” worth working for.

Globe are the Philippines number one telecoms company – but beyond business, also have an amazing vision for doing good for their country. You can feel it is a deep part of their mission. A couple of years ago at the same event, Globe had had Simon Sinek share with them about the importance of having “why” at the centre of their work, and it was amazing to see how they have taken that idea on board.

Both personally, and at our workplaces, we gain so much focus, resilience and creativity, when we know our “why”. Certainly, in the midst of many tough expeditions, it has been knowing my “why” that has helped me keep going.

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