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Rob’s new showreel – with clips of Rob giving speeches and in NatGeo TV shows Please feel free to share with anyone who might be looking for a speaker for their conference. Thank you. Rob Lilwall Speaking Showcase Trailer 2018 (Short) from Rob Lilwall on...

Great fun to give a speech at the Motorola Solutions’ Sales Kick-off in Bali yesterday. I shared a story of when I had just suffered a devastating setback on an expedition – I was exhausted, homesick and felt very negative. I wanted to give up and go home… However, something very, very simple helped me a great deal… I went to bed early and got a really good night’s sleep! And the next morning, my body felt rested, my emotions felt better, and my mind was much clearer.

So I could suddenly see a way forward, and I was ready to keep going again. So the simple lesson is: NEVER FORGET THE RESTORATIVE POWER OF A GOOD NIGHT’S SLEEP! We teach it to our children, but we forget it ourselves. Many thanks Mike deVente, Carina Haylock and Felicia Diebley for inviting me to speak at your excellent event. And many thanks to my brilliant agent @Kenny Gan from the London Speakers’ Bureau Singapore for booking me for the event.

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