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Delighted to give a speech at Team Building Asia‘s annual retreat in Shenzhen. Their theme was “journeying the Silk Road” so a perfect fit for a new speech I’ve been working on, combining stories from my three longest expeditions – all of which touched the Silk Road*

Team Building Asia are a fantastic organisation, who I have encountered on numerous occasions when we both end up leading sessions at the same event. The fact that they wanted to bring in outside speakers to their own event says very good things about their excellent vertical alignment – of being keen to learn, grow and develop themselves (not just to talk about how to do this to others).

During my speech, we reflected together on the importance of having an attitude of adventure, living as we are in a world which is full of challenge, uncertainty, setback and opportunity.

Thanks so much Stuart Harris and David Simpson for inviting me to come and speak to your brilliant team!

*The 50,000km Cycling Home From Siberia expedition followed the Silk Road through Afghanistan and Samarkand; the 5,000km Walking Home From Mongolia passed through Xian – the traditional start of the Silk Road; and the 1,000km Solo Across the Desert of Death expedition touched the Southern Silk Road, near to the Taklamakan Desert.

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