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Last week I gave a speech for the senior leaders of Walmart at their Headquarters in Shenzhen.

Often, on an expedition, you hear frightening reports of what might be coming up if you keep going (the below is from an email warning me to rethink my plan to cycle across Papua New Guinea).

In the speech we reflected together on how to embrace challenges (with a Growth Mindset), overcome fear, and stay positive. Our ability to do these things is essential not just on expeditions, but also in the business world, where we also often hear rumours of scary troubles ahead… our world is fast-changing, unpredictable and uncertain, but if we have the right mindset, it is also a world that is full of opportunity and adventure!

Thank you Walmart for being a brilliant audience, and thank you to Lynn Hung and Wern-Yuen Tan for inviting me to speak.

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