Rob Lilwall’s executive masterclasses are are the perfect way to add depth and impact to an L&D or training programme, or as a special breakout seminar during a conference programme. The masterclass is a chance to go deeper on the practical application of powerful, transformative mindsets, with a special focus on resilience, capitalising on the delegates’ valuable time.

The Masterclass goes deeper into many of the themes of Rob’s keynote speeches (e.g. change, growth mindset, collaboration), but its special focus is the topic of resilience.

Resilience is the ability to endure through tough times, and bounce back from setbacks. It is not a fixed trait, but rather can be cultivated and enhanced through pre-traumatic growth, ongoing development and the intentional use of specific tools.

Rob brings the topic to life and gives it personal impact through sharing vulnerable stories from all three of his major expeditions: Cycling Home From Siberia, Walking Home From Mongolia, and Solo Across the Desert of Death.

The Masterclass is typically 2-3 hours in length, and clients often prefer to use it in smaller groups of 20-40 to allow more discussion and greater engagement. Specifically, it can work very well as:

  • as an extension of Rob’s keynote speech (the first half of the session would be an interactive version of Rob’s keynote, and the second half would go deeper, with other content)
  • as a deep impact session in an L&D programme for key talents
  • as a standalone breakout seminar after Rob’s keynote speech at a larger conference (best run after the keynote speech)

As with the keynote, Rob is committed to working closely with the client to tailor the Masterclass to the client’s specific needs.

Key aspects of resilience considered include:

  • Why resilience matters: everyone goes through tough times, but it is those who can get through them that succeed in the long run
  • Pre-traumatic Growth: how do we prepare ourselves, so that when inevitable setbacks come, we are ready to thrive in spite of them. Reflections on the importance of good, ongoing habits of self-care, that give us a reserve of strength, so we are ready for the tough times
  • The importance of Focus: if our focus is scattered, our energy and our efforts will be dispersed, and our resilience weakened; if we are clear on the most important outcomes, we can focus on the most vital tasks and find ways forward.
  • The helpfulness of good questions: when things are tough, asking the right questions will show us the way forward.
  • Understanding our Purpose: Purpose is foundational for resilience, as knowing “why” we are doing something gives deep motivation – both for tough times, monotonous times, uncertain times.
  • Nurturing a Growth Mindset: so that we will embrace and enjoy challenge, and enjoy the tremendous personal growth that comes because of them.
  • The power of good support: being open to receiving supportive input from peers, mentors and family can make a significant difference in how we handle difficulty.
  • Overcoming Setback: realising that setback is rarely personal, permanent or pervasive, and by reframing it, we can keep it in perspective and keep going.



"Rob’s story is inspiring, his style engaging and his sharing applicable and practical. It was a real pleasure to have Rob as our motivational speaker at our recent company conference. His spirit of adventure permeates both in personal and business contexts. I highly recommend Rob’s story of provocation to all who’s game for mindset and cultural change."

"Rob's session was the best way to start the second day of the conference, he managed to motivate and connect with the audience. Rob, wasn't just a great speaker, he was a real gentleman to deal with offstage as well. I truly look forward to other opportunities to work with him again."

"His ability to intertwine themes that are so important to thrive in the corporate world be they a growth mindset, perseverance, focus, partnership, or balanced risk were very resonant. I would highly recommend Rob and would hope that we are able to work with him again in the future."


"We have had many conferences, and many after-dinner speakers, and without doubt Rob Lilwall was one of the very best. His journey is fascinating and his talk and style highly engaging, filled with humour, and makes good use of video and pictures. It works very well in the corporate environment with great messages about overcoming challenges and being resourceful."





The world of adventure is full of uncertainty, pressure and opportunity: un-bridged rivers, extreme weather, unknown people. In the business world the challenges look different: evolving technology, disruptive competition, a changing workforce. In both, however, it is our mindset that makes the difference between failure and success. In his highly entertaining and interactive speeches, Rob reflects on the mindsets that help us deal with change, challenge and setback. 


He tailors his messages to the client's specific context and desired outcomes.

The four key mindsets that Rob addresses are:



Business leaders and psychologists alike are hailing the concept of a growth mindset – the belief that through intentional effort, deliberate practice and gritty persistence we can improve our abilities and skills. A Growth Mindset has also been at the heart of Rob’s adventures, for he has learnt first-hand the power of embracing challenge, trying his best, and growing much in the process. In his speeches, he brings the concept to life, challenging the limiting beliefs of the audience so that they come to believe in their ability to grow, especially when times are tough.


Fear is a powerful emotion that can be useful for keeping us safe. But it can also be unhelpful, as it generates a fight, flight or freeze instinct which can hijack our thinking. Rob reflects on his own battle with fear and his efforts to learn courage. He illustrates how through understanding our fears we can learn to harness them to energise rather than hinder us. Rob also considers the topic of risk-taking, and how in a world of rapid change, taking no risks is not an option. He reflects on how to assess risks and how to find the courage to take them.


Resilience is the ability to endure through and bounce back from a tough experience, instead of burning out or giving up. Resilience is not fixed, but rather can be cultivated and enhanced through ongoing development and the intentional use of specific tools. Using personal and vulnerable stories Rob unpacks the importance of self-care, self-efficacy, focus, meaningful goals,  and realistic optimism. And in fact, by practicing resilience in tough times, we open ourselves up to tremendous growth.


Although Rob has often been alone on his expeditions, he could never have made it on his own. He has had to seek boats across seas, guides through jungles, and places to stay on remote mountain passes. Rob explains powerful applications of a collaborative mindset for the corporate world, whether it be in networking for sales, working as a team to achieve a great goal, or seeking good advice from coaches and mentors who will help us make good business decisions and become more effective.





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