Giving Presentations and Storytelling: My Top Tips

When you give a presentation, how do you get your audience to buy-in to your message? One way is sharing a vulnerable example of how your message has helped you personally. You need to be genuinely vulnerable (not just pretend to be vulnerable) to show you're human,...

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Why Book a Keynote Speaker?

On a briefing call with a client (to prepare for being the inspirational speaker at their conference) the client said: “The reason we have booked you to come and speak, is because I’ve found in my experience, the whole point of bringing everyone together for an event...

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Speaking Engagements: China and Indonesia

I have had the privilege to be invited to speak in Indonesia and China this month. It was great fun to give a speech at the Motorola Solutions’ Sales Kick-off in Bali. I shared a story of when I had just suffered a devastating setback on an expedition - I was...

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Keynote Speaking in China, Hong Kong and Ireland

What a great start of 2019. January kicked off with a handful of exciting keynote speeches. Keynote Speeches I gave a speech for the senior leaders of Walmart at their Headquarters in Shenzhen. Often, on an expedition, you hear frightening reports of what might be...

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Speaking? Here’s My Best Advice

Some of the best advice I've ever received for my speaking career is: “Spend 80% of your effort on improving your speech, and only 20% on marketing”. The rationale: if your speech is really good, then your audience become your marketeers. I know this won’t apply...

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Going on Sabbatical? Try Giving this a Go!

Thinking of a sabbatical? This video below shows me & my wife's from a few years ago. Some tips: Dream about it. If a family, dream together. What would be memorable, stretching, refreshing, great for growth & relationships? Do short trips to test out ideas-...

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A Great Mentor and Keynote Speech in Delhi

It is always great to reflect back over the year and month. A Great Mentor This year have continued to enjoy and greatly benefit from having a great mentor…is the below quantitative proof of the power of a good mentor…? Well, I know correlation is not causation (and...

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