Rob’s New Showreel

Rob’s new showreel – with clips of Rob giving speeches and in NatGeo TV shows Please feel free to share with anyone who might be looking for a speaker for their conference. Thank you. Rob Lilwall Speaking Showcase Trailer 2018 (Short) from Rob Lilwall on...


Speech at Motorola Solutions

Great fun to give a speech at the Motorola Solutions’ Sales Kick-off in Bali yesterday. I shared a story of when I had just suffered a devastating setback on an expedition - I was exhausted, homesick and felt very negative. I wanted to give up and go home… However,...

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Team Building Asia Annual Retreat

Delighted to give a speech at Team Building Asia's annual retreat in Shenzhen. Their theme was “journeying the Silk Road” so a perfect fit for a new speech I've been working on, combining stories from my three longest expeditions - all of which touched the Silk Road*...

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Walmart Speech at Shenzhen

Last week I gave a speech for the senior leaders of Walmart at their Headquarters in Shenzhen. Often, on an expedition, you hear frightening reports of what might be coming up if you keep going (the below is from an email warning me to rethink my plan to cycle across...

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HKBN Keynote

Calculated risk-taking in much of life and work more of an art than a science. We often do not know the level of potential risk, potential consequence or potential reward. In some industries, such as power or telecomms, this is a matter of personal safety, not just...

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H.B. Fuller Regional Convention Speech

Great fun to give a speech for H.B. Fuller’s regional conference yesterday. On an expedition, you face a lot of problems and setbacks which often seem at first glance to be insurmountable. But if, instead of fixating on the problem, we ask ourselves the simple...

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Keynote at St James Place Hong Kong

Great fun to give a speech for St James Place Hong Kong team on Wednesday. My first speech of 2019, and launching into a new year, I was reminding us all (myself included!) of some core lessons learned from my adventures, which can apply to whatever we do, and which...

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Latest Project 2019/2020

Welcome to 2019, from my family to yours, we wish you a year filled with adventure and happiness. Having made two television series with National Geographic, and authored two books for Hodder & Stoughton, Rob is excited to progress his latest project. Rob is...

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Speaking? Here’s My Best Advice

Some of the best advice I've ever received for my speaking career is: “Spend 80% of your effort on improving your speech, and only 20% on marketing”. The rationale: if your speech is really good, then your audience become your marketeers. I know this won’t apply...

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