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Rob blends his amazing experiences with practical advice, creating unforgettable Keynote Speeches and Masterclasses




About Rob

Rob is living proof that by embracing challenge with the right mindset we can achieve the extraordinary. He has embarked on expeditions by bicycle and on foot covering 80,000km of the world’s surface, through tundra, jungle, desert and warzone. National Geographic have made two TV series about his exploits, and he is the author of two books.

As a keynote speaker, Rob draws powerful parallels between succeeding amid the uncertainties, pressures and opportunities of an expedition and succeeding in today’s rapidly changing business environment. His messages of embracing challenge, overcoming fear, and having a collaborative mindset have inspired countless people around the world. He is based in Hong Kong, and is available to speak globally. 


Rob's Offerings


Rob’s keynote speeches are an ideal fit for conferences, town halls and offsites where, alongside industry experts and company updates, you are looking for an out-of-the-box story to add value and give “wow” to the event, something that the audience will go home and tell their families afterwards, and which will provoke a deep, positive change in attitudes and habits. Book Rob Today


Masterclass Workshops are ideal for talent development programmes where, to supplement internal training, you are looking for more break-outs, conversation and application. The Masterclasses work well with 10 to 40 people, can last up to three hours. Ideal for senior management groups, or smaller teams.  Contact Rob Today





The world of adventure is full of uncertainty, pressure and opportunity: un-bridged rivers, extreme weather, unknown people. In the business world the challenges look different: evolving technology, disruptive competition, a changing workforce. In both, however, it is our mindset that makes the difference between failure and success. In his highly entertaining and interactive speeches, Rob reflects on the mindsets that help us deal with change, challenge and setback. 


He tailors his messages to the client's specific context and desired outcomes.

The four key mindsets that Rob addresses are:



Business leaders and psychologists alike are hailing the concept of a growth mindset – the belief that through intentional effort, deliberate practice and gritty persistence we can improve our abilities and skills. A Growth Mindset has also been at the heart of Rob’s adventures, for he has learnt first-hand the power of embracing challenge, trying his best, and growing much in the process. In his speeches, he brings the concept to life, challenging the limiting beliefs of the audience so that they come to believe in their ability to grow, especially when times are tough.


Fear is a powerful emotion that can be useful for keeping us safe. But it can also be unhelpful, as it generates a fight, flight or freeze instinct which can hijack our thinking. Rob reflects on his own battle with fear and his efforts to learn courage. He illustrates how through understanding our fears we can learn to harness them to energise rather than hinder us. Rob also considers the topic of risk-taking, and how in a world of rapid change, taking no risks is not an option. He reflects on how to assess risks and how to find the courage to take them.


Resilience is the ability to endure through and bounce back from a tough experience, instead of burning out or giving up. Resilience is not fixed, but rather can be cultivated and enhanced through ongoing development and the intentional use of specific tools. Using personal and vulnerable stories Rob unpacks the importance of self-care, self-efficacy, focus, meaningful goals,  and realistic optimism. And in fact, by practicing resilience in tough times, we open ourselves up to tremendous growth.


Although Rob has often been alone on his expeditions, he could never have made it on his own. He has had to seek boats across seas, guides through jungles, and places to stay on remote mountain passes. Rob explains powerful applications of a collaborative mindset for the corporate world, whether it be in networking for sales, working as a team to achieve a great goal, or seeking good advice from coaches and mentors who will help us make good business decisions and become more effective.



His story is a great way for organizations to deliver a unique way of thinking, focusing on the growth mindset, the importance of clear goals, self-focus, reflection, perseverance, connections, risk-taking and problem solving.”

“The team were from 7 countries across Asia and he managed to connect with them all. His style is humble yet the passion shines through . He drew a parallel between his compelling story and business life which hit home hard with our team.”

“Rob spoke to an audience of 300, with fascinating impact! He’s very interactive, humorous, and most of all, inspiring. Rob’s talk has nicely enhanced our new behaviors – Creativity, Confidence, Collaboration. An extremely impressive session.”

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