“Never enough” – a challenging quote

Just read the first chapter of Brené Brown's challenging book "Daring Greatly." She quotes this extremely compelling paragraph from Lynne Twist: “For me, and for many of us, our first waking thought of the day is "I didn’t get enough sleep." The next one is "I don't...

Sneak preview of my new film

Sneak preview of the opening of my new film (about a solo walk across the world's second biggest sand desert- this is Rough Cut...

Summary of Dan & Chip Heath’s new book, The Power of Moments

Recently read Dan & Chip Heath’s latest book, The Power of Moments. It’s about how we usually leave the defining moments of life to chance, but there are in fact intentional ways we can CREATE defining moments. Here are my top takeaways: -Powerful moments usually come...


Global Adventurer, Keynote Speaker, and Author

Rob is living proof that by embracing challenge with the right mindset, we can achieve the extraordinary.

In the last two decades, he has embarked on expeditions by bicycle and foot, covering over 50,000 miles, including through tundra, jungle, desert and warzone.

National Geographic have made two television series about his exploits, and he has been interviewed on primetime shows for the BBC and Channel News Asia. He is the author of two books, Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia. He is currently working on a new book and film, Solo Across the Desert of Death, about his 71-day walk through China’s fearsome Taklamakan.

Rob’s keynote speeches draw powerful parallels between succeeding on a expedition and thriving in today’s rapidly changing business environment. His messages of embracing challenge, overcoming obstacles and dealing with uncertainties have inspired tens of thousands of people around the world, with corporate clients including Nike, Microsoft, HSBC and Thomson Reuters.


His style, his content, and his character captivated the room, and the level of engagement was palpable. He made every person feel as if they were having a personal conversation with him, and the result was 100% delivery on the intent of his message. I encourage anyone looking to produce these types of results to connect with Rob and share your needs; I guarantee he will deliver beyond expectation.

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