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The keynote speaker in Asia who takes you out of the ordinary

How do we stay motivated when the months ahead are unpredictable?

How do we find opportunity in the midst of uncertainty?

Even before the pandemic, businesses were facing uncertainty, pressure and change. Then, during the pandemic, and now as the world comes out of the pandemic, the pace of change has gone to a whole new level.

Amid such challenges, talents and teams need motivation, encouragement and tools to cope, to thrive and to move forward.

For Rob, on his expeditions, the experience of facing uncertainty, pressure and change has been the daily norm. There are many discouragements, many things you cannot control, countless unexpected setbacks and obstacles.

But whether on an expedition, or doing business in a pandemic or post-pandemic world, what we can control is our mindsets. This can make the difference between success and failure.

An extraordinary experience for your company

Before the pandemic, Rob’s primary work was doing live, on-stage keynote speaking at conferences around the globe.

During the pandemic, he developed a world-class, interactive virtual speech and masterclass, which has been experienced by clients around the world, from Microsoft, to JPMorgan, to Procter and Gamble. It includes stunning image and video integration, and frequent audience engagement and interaction. Clients have praised Rob’s ability to boost their morale and reinvigorate their attitudes, and have frequently rebooked him to speak to different parts of the business.

Now, in the post-pandemic world, Rob is doing live events, virtual events and hybrid events. Sometimes Rob speaks at a standalone event, sometimes he is brought in as a special guest speaker during a team meeting, to add value and engagement. 

The messages he shares continue to be foundational, applicable and transformative: how to nurture a growth mindset, grow courage, embrace challenge, overcome obstacles, and develop our resilience. His messages are continuing to resonate strongly with companies across every major industry, all over the world.

Please get in touch to find out how Rob can help your organisation with your own event.

Keynote speech takeaways

  • Focusing on the most important goals, and breaking goals into steps
  • How to manage distractions (the tools and techniques of the focused)
  • We cannot make it on our own (accountability)
  • Controlling the controllables
  • How to stay positive
  • Avoiding panic and keeping perspective
  • Preparing for the worst, working for the best
  • Knowing your fears
  • Harnessing the energy of your fears
  • Handling “Unknown Unknowns”
  • How to overcome setbacks and have problem-solving ideas (even if we are alone)
  • Self-care: physical and mental health
  • Nurturing a Growth Mindset: seeing obstacles as challenges, not threats

A tailor-made speech for your talents

Rob will have a detailed briefing with the client, and will customise each session to the client’s specific circumstances. The virtual masterclasses typically last 60-90 minutes each, and are designed for 30-200 participants, but we can work with larger groups too. These can be used as standalone sessions, or as a set of three sessions.

Each masterclass includes a live delivery from Rob, as well as expedition videos, and extensive participant engagement, personal application activities, and a live Q & A. The Q & A can extend beyond the session time for participants who want further discussion. Each session comes with a worksheet and will be followed up with an email summary.

The masterclasses are usually run through Zoom, but Rob is happy to work with other platforms preferred by the client.

Rob Lilwall is a Certified Speaking Professional, accredited by the National Speakers Association. He is the author of two books, Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia. His expeditions are also the subject of two National Geographic television series. He has spoken in over 20 countries and over 50 cities in four continents.

Examples of keynote speech takeaways

A growth mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that our abilities are not fixed, but rather, can be grown. It's also the belief that if we embrace difficult challenges, they will make us grow. Rob brings the concept to life, energising the audience to grow themselves.

A resilient mindset

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from tough experiences, instead of burning out or giving up. Using vulnerable stories of devastating setback, Rob unpacks strategies for growing our resilience and thriving under pressure.

A courageous mindset

In a world of rapid change, taking risks is compulsory. Fear can be helpful for avoiding bad risks, but it can stop us from taking good risks. Rob reflects on his own battle with fear, and how he has learned to harness it and to take positive action.

A collaborative mindset

Although Rob often travels alone on his adventures, he can never make it on his own. He needs to reach out to people he meets – whether in jungle, desert or warzone. Rob uses stories to bring to life the importance of collaboration, networking, and teamwork in the corporate world.

Rob’s audiences have included teams from