3 attitudes when facing a daunting challenge

Really fun to give the keynote speech at the Globe Content Partners Summit in the Philippines this week. This was my second speech for Globe this year, and they are an awesome company to work with. 

It was an event for partners from the likes of Netflix, Disney, Amazon Prime, Facebook, as well as Tick Tock, MMA and e-sports – I learnt much about how digital content is developing and the new digital world that is arriving as we speak (and which my child is growing up in!). 

The theme was “move as one”, so I framed my Cycling Home From Siberia Expedition speech with the following reflection:

When we face a daunting challenge in life or work, we can have one of three possible attitudes:

1. “That’s impossible, I can never do that” 

(a can’t do attitude)

2. “Of course I can do that, because I’M AMAZING!!” 

(an arrogant/foolhardy attitude)

3. This will be very tough, but if I apply myself with courage and creativity, and if I am open to advice and ideas from others, we will figure out how to do it (this is what I call an attitude of adventure – as it is exactly the attitude needed on adventures)

When we work together for a common goal, it energises an “attitude of adventure” in us, which allows us to succeed in the face of very daunting challenges.

Keynote speech at the Globe Content Partners Summit