What I learned from the Gartner Summit

One of the things I love about speaking at Gartner events (like the Data & Analytics Summit I keynoted at in Mumbai this week), is that I get to sit in on the amazing keynotes that Gartner gives. They are world-class presentations, and although I am an outsider to the D&A industry, I learned a lot. 

Here are my top takeaways from their opening keynote:

– When considering data & analytics, remember “Principles Lead, Rules Follow”

– Three dimensions which D&A leaders need to consider as they plan a strategy are: 

1. Be “Data Driven”

2. Think about AI

3. Think about Privacy

– They talked about how much data is “out there” about each of us, and how much of it is for sale. So anyone with a bit of determination could find out a lot about us. A sobering reminder.

– They quoted Einstein’s famous dictum that “Not everything we count counts. Not everything that counts can be counted” – and drew three points:

1. Not all data is useful

2. We can’t measure everything we might need (at least not yet)

3. Be careful about what sources you trust – a funny case in point being that Einstein never said this, it has just been popularly attributed to him

I highly recommend attending a Gartner conference if it matches your industry.

Gartner event
Gartner event
Gartner event