Lovely to meet in-person again

It’s so lovely to meet in-person again! Last Wednesday morning I gave a live speech to the APAC leaders of Swiss Re in Singapore. It was such fun to be able to run around a real room with a real microphone again, getting everyone’s excellent ideas, in person!

Lovely to meet in-person again

It was this group of leaders’ first get-together since before the pandemic. You could tell from the energy in the room – everyone was buzzing with positivity to meet in person – perhaps before the pandemic we had all taken for granted how we used to be able to travel and meet in large groups, not to mention see family and good friends in other countries.

October is going to be the busiest month of speaking I’ve ever had, here in Singapore, and traveling to Thailand, London and Dubai. So it did not surprise me when the external event organiser I was chatting to said that with so many companies trying to plan events this autumn, their biggest challenge is finding venues – not only in Singapore but even in much of Thailand.

Not to belittle what event organisers are up against, but given the hardships that the world has experienced the past couple of years (and that many people continue to experience), I would say it’s a very good problem to have!

Working remotely is not going away. To read some of my tips please see my posts here.

We’ve updated our 3-minute speaking trailer to reflect the post-pandemic world – please do check it out!