Top tip for getting enough exercise done

Not getting enough exercise done? Here’s my top tip.

Are you struggling with getting enough exercise done? Why not schedule in one “walk and talk” phone call a day? Do you have a call where you don’t need to be on video? Why not put on a headset and go for a walk while you are on the call? Take a notebook if needed. No one will mind!

When I run my virtual masterclasses with clients, I often discuss the area of self-care. Often, on getting enough exercise done, this top tip has come up from several senior leaders who practise it regularly!

Rob sharing about his walk in the Taklamakan desert, but we don't have to go to a desert before getting enough exercise done!
You don’t have to go to a desert to get some exercise done!

And don’t forget: just 30 minutes exercise a day will make us feel better, work better, sleep better and live longer!

Available for in-person events in SG and beyond

It’s great to see in-person events starting to happen more, and a sense of excitement with clients that people will soon be able to meet together. That’s if people are not already meeting! I flew to Florida in January for my first US in-person event in two years, it was pretty easy to get there and back, which was awesome!

Here’s a testimonial from one of my recent clients, Ernst & Young:

[Our leader community] absolutely raved about it and wished we had longer with you!… The session set the direction not only for the three-day forum but for the future plans for our business, and the content you shared for follow up will continue to drive engagement for weeks to come.

If you’re in Singapore and would like to catch up sometime to see how I can help your staff at your organisation build greater resilience in this new season to come, do drop me a line. If you’re based elsewhere and your country is opening up, it would be great to come and speak to your staff too, let me know how I can help!

Best wishes


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