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Rob Lilwall: The keynote speaker in Asia who takes you out of the ordinary

Rob Lilwall, a highly sought-after and renowned business keynote speaker based in Hong Kong, delivers an extraordinary experience to audiences. His engaging style and interactive ‘expedition breakouts’ involve the whole audience, transforming a typical keynote speech into an inspirational opportunity for reflection and self-growth.

With experience across multiple industries, including technology and finance, Rob maintains a universal relevance to his speeches while still tailoring them to the specific needs of the audience. His versatility shines whether he’s addressing C-Suite executives or large conferences, connecting with people at every step of the corporate journey. 

As a hybrid keynote speaker on resilience and self-development in the corporate sphere, Rob’s ability to inspire and engage, even remotely, is unmatched. His messages on nurturing a growth mindset, fostering resilience, and embracing agility resonate with an international audience, including in the APAC region where he’s based. 

As a Certified Speaking Professional, his expertise in delivering impactful speeches at live, hybrid and hybrid events is recognised. He is also the author of two books, Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia, and was the subject of two National Geographic television series showcasing his expeditions. Be it a standalone corporate event, team meeting, external conference, or town hall, Rob is a motivational speaker who’s added value and engagement instantly to events in over 20 countries and 50+ cities across four continents. 

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3-minute highlights
The river crossing

How do we stay motivated when the months ahead are unpredictable?

How do we find opportunity in the midst of uncertainty?

In today’s world of disruption and uncertainty, staying motivated and adaptable is crucial to overcoming unexpected challenges and unfavourable circumstances. Rob Lilwall’s keynote speeches address these challenges head-on. As a speaker, Rob draws from his expedition experiences to provide insights into maintaining a positive mindset and harnessing opportunities amidst uncertainty. His speeches are an invaluable asset for fostering resilience and agility in the face of change, with lessons transferable to everyday life in the corporate world.


Why Hire Rob Lilwall as Your Conference Keynote Speaker?

Over 100,000 people impacted in more than 20 countries and cities

Choosing Rob Lilwall as your keynote speaker means tapping into a wealth of global experience. With a record of impacting over 100,000 individuals across more than 20 countries, Rob brings a unique international perspective to his talks. His speeches resonate across cultures, making him an ideal choice for keynote events in Hong Kong with a diverse and global audience.

He is an accredited speaker

Rob’s accreditation as a Certified Speaking Professional reflects his commitment to excellence in keynote speaking. This certification, recognised globally, ensures that you’re hiring a speaker who delivers not just relevant content but an impactful experience. Rob’s accreditation is a testament to his proficiency and professionalism as an international keynote speaker.

Asia-based, offering both in-person and virtual events

Rob’s base in Asia uniquely positions him as an ideal speaker for in-person, hybrid and virtual events across the APAC region. His flexibility in delivering high-quality keynote speeches, whether face-to-face or through digital platforms, makes him a versatile choice for events and engagements in Hong Kong.

A tailor-made speech by your keynote speaker for your talents

Rob customises each speech to align with your specific needs. His keynotes range from 45 to 90 minutes each and are suitable for groups ranging from 50 to 2,000 participants. For smaller, more focused workshops, he offers sessions tailored to groups of 10 to 50 for deeper immersion and hands-on interaction. Workshops last between two hours to a whole day, allowing you to customise the experience based on your organisation’s needs. Find out more about Rob’s agility mindset workshop, growth mindset training workshop, and leadership resilience workshop, and how they can enhance your team dynamics.

Rob’s sessions are interactive, featuring live delivery (with hybrid options), expedition videos, extensive participant engagement activities, and live Q&A sessions. His ability to adapt to various formats, including virtual platforms like MS Teams, WebEx and, Zoom, and MS Teams, makes him an adaptable keynote speaker for any event in Hong Kong.

Keynote speech takeaways

  • Focusing on the most important goals, and breaking goals into steps
  • How to manage distractions (the tools and techniques of the focused)
  • We cannot make it on our own (accountability)
  • Controlling the controllables
  • How to stay positive
  • Avoiding panic and keeping perspective
  • Preparing for the worst, working for the best
  • Knowing your fears
  • Harnessing the energy of your fears
  • Handling “Unknown Unknowns”
  • How to overcome setbacks and have problem-solving ideas (even if we are alone)
  • Self-care: physical and mental health
  • Nurturing a Growth Mindset: seeing obstacles as challenges, not threats

Benefits of Hiring a Motivational Keynote Speaker in Hong Kong

Improve Audience Engagement

Engaging Rob as your keynote speaker in Hong Kong guarantees a captivated audience. His dynamic speaking style and relevant content keep attendees absorbed and motivated, transforming a standard corporate event into a once-in-a-lifetime experience.

Introduce Inspirational Insights

Rob’s speeches are filled with inspirational insights, providing fresh perspectives and innovative ideas to your audience in order to spark creativity and new approaches to challenges.

Set The Tone

Starting your event with Rob as your keynote speaker sets a positive, energetic tone. His speeches create an atmosphere of inspiration and enthusiasm, perfect for setting up a successful event.



A Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is the belief that our abilities are not fixed, but rather, can be grown. It's also the belief that if we embrace difficult challenges, they will make us grow. As a keynote speaker sharing firsthand experiences of adopting a growth mindset on extreme expeditions, Rob brings the concept to life, energising the audience to grow themselves.

A Resilient Mindset

Resilience is the ability to bounce back from tough experiences, instead of burning out or giving up. Using vulnerable stories of devastating setbacks, Rob unpacks strategies for growing our resilience and thriving under pressure.

An agile mindset

While resilience is about ‘bouncing back’, agility is about ‘bouncing forwards’. It is about adapting and pivoting quickly to changing circumstances so as to stay ahead and make the most of new opportunities. In his rapidly changing expedition environments, Rob has learnt the importance of an agile mindset, and in his keynote speaker talks he equips his corporate audiences to do the same.

A collaborative mindset

Although Rob often travels alone on his adventures, he can never make it on his own. He needs to reach out to people he meets – whether in the jungle, desert or warzone. Rob uses powerful, first-hand stories to bring to life the importance of reaching out, collaboration, networking, and teamwork in the corporate world.

Frequently Asked Questions About Engaging Rob Lilwall as an External Keynote Speaker in Hong Kong

What industries has Rob most frequently spoken to as a keynote speaker?

Rob has extensive experience speaking in various industries including technology, finance, healthcare, insurance, retail, law, accountancy, consulting and education. His diverse clientele as a keynote speaker reflects his ability to tailor his speeches to different sector-specific challenges and themes.

Is it possible for Rob to tailor his keynote speeches to our organisation’s specific needs and goals?

Yes, Rob specialises in customising his keynote speaking content and style to align with your organisation’s unique goals and challenges. This ensures maximum relevance and impact so all participants go away with insights and tools particular to their contexts.

What is the typical duration of one of Rob’s keynote speeches?

Rob’s keynote speeches typically range from 45 to 90 minutes, designed to fit into various event schedules while delivering maximum value and engagement. Rob also conducts workshops that range between two hours to a full day, for organisations seeking more in-depth involvement and hands-on interaction.

What is the ideal audience size for Rob’s keynote speeches?

Rob is adept at delivering keynote speeches to audiences of any size, from intimate corporate gatherings below 50 pax to large-scale events of 1000+.

Is Rob a Certified Speaking Professional, and what does that mean for us as a client?

As a Certified Speaking Professional, Rob has met the highest standards set by the National Speakers Association, USA. This certification means you are hiring a keynote speaker who is recognized for his ability to deliver excellence and value in his speeches.

How interactive are Rob’s keynote speeches? Can we expect Q&A sessions or audience participation?

As a keynote speaker, Rob captures the attention of his audience through highly interactive sessions often involving the audience in fun and engaging activities. This makes any event engaging and memorable, so that participants get concrete takeaways and insights.

Can Rob’s keynote speeches be recorded for future internal training or review?

Yes, arrangements can be made to record Rob’s keynote speeches, providing a valuable resource for future training or reviews within your organisation.

What types of multimedia or visual aids does Rob incorporate into his keynote speeches?

Rob uses a variety of multimedia and visual aids, including expedition videos and slides, to enhance the impact and engagement of his keynote speeches.

How does Rob prepare for a keynote speaking engagement with a new client?

Rob prepares for each keynote speaking engagement by thoroughly understanding the client’s industry, audience, and specific needs, ensuring that each speech is tailored and relevant. If you hire Rob as a keynote speaker for your event, you’ll get to cover these essential must-knows in a pre-event briefing that gives him the information necessary to tailor his speech.

Can Rob’s keynote speeches be integrated into larger corporate events, such as team-building activities or workshops?

Yes, Rob’s keynote speeches can seamlessly integrate into larger events to add value and depth to team-building activities or workshops.

What sets Rob apart from other keynote speakers, especially in the APAC region?

Rob’s unique blend of firsthand real-life adventure stories, combined with his expertise in corporate challenges and personal development, sets him apart as a keynote speaker in the APAC region.

Are there any additional resources or follow-up materials provided after a keynote speech?

Yes, Rob offers follow-up materials and resources to reinforce the key takeaways from his keynote speeches, ensuring lasting impact and continual learning.