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“Amazing speaker, Rob engaged the audience with mastery and authenticity during a keynote around the topics of Growth Mindset, Courage and Collaboration. With his masterclasses, he was able to get deeper on the topic of resilience, considered as both the ability to persevere amid ongoing high-pressure, and the ability to bounce back from setbacks.”

- Royal Bank of Canada

“He drew clear points connecting his adventures with our business goals and did this with great humour, audience participation and tremendous spirit. One of the very best and memorable key note speakers we have encountered.”

- Thermo Fisher Scientific

“Rob brought home our key points of having a growth mindset, embracing challenge and change, overcoming fear, and resiliancy in the face of adversity in an extremely engaging and memorable way.”

- Jones Lang LaSalle

“I would highly recommend Rob to anyone seeking to motivate their organisation to embrace change.”

- Covestro

“Rob was a pleasure to work with, and easily built our theme into an inspiring story that he delivered en pointe and with captivating ease, candour, energy, and enthusiasm. Rob immediately engaged with and connected the audience to one another, encouraging self-exploration that reminded us of our humanity behind titles, culture, and generation gaps.”

- CoreNet Global Singapore

“Rob gave an inspirational keynote speech to close our event and had the C-level audience on the edge of their seats with his escapades, all the while linking his experiences back to a business setting… I cannot recommend Rob enough!”


“Rob became my benchmark on successful engagement during virtual events. His sessions are full of energy and all attendees get clear takeaways. His stories are very inspiring and helps to put our lives in a different perspective when facing challenging situations.”

- Standard Chartered Bank

“Rob’s humility, resilience and growth mindset shone through, and combined well with a wonderful sense of humour. His follow up materials have helped to re-enforce key messages that we will carry forward on our journey through 2021.”


“Rob’s enthusiasm is infectious. I have had the pleasure to attend two of his presentations, and in both instances, I have never seen a workplace more energised and motivated post his session.”

- Qiagen

“Rob, you don’t realize how much you impacted our team in terms of mindset. I stopped counting how many times your name popped out, or how many times the analogy of desert and dunes was used. Thank you so much for your outstanding speech!”

- Novartis