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As Rob would say, “On an adventure, you know that there is going to be a lot of uncertainty, pressure, setback and opportunity, but you cannot control when, or where, or how these will turn up. But what you can control is your attitude and mindset towards them, and that makes all the difference. It’s the same in the business world – globally, right now there is much uncertainty, pressure, setback and opportunity, and it is vital to control our attitude towards these challenges – so we can persevere through the setbacks and make the most of the opportunities.”

Rob’s keynote speeches are full of humour, vulnerability and audience participation. They work well for internal town halls, off-sites, senior management meetings, regional and global conferences, and also for client events when you are wanting to give clients a thoughtful and memorable experience. As an inspirational speaker, Rob is highly flexible and versatile, with his keynote speeches lasting typically between 30-90 minutes, and being suitable for audiences of 20-2000+ people.

Every speech he gives is carefully tailored to the client’s needs and Rob is frequently booked to return to speak to different divisions in an organisation. His messages about the importance of the attitudes towards change and challenge have resonated with companies across every industry who understand the power of mindsets. As professional speaker, and a recognised authority on how to thrive amid change and embrace challenges, Rob Lilwall has given speeches in to clients including Microsoft, Gemalto, IBM, Alcatel-Lucent, ADP, ABB, HB Fuller, Swire Properties, Knight Frank, CBRE, MEC, Nike, adidas, Mars-Wrigley, Walmart, Inditex, Hyatt, Marriott, Intercontinental, Ayala Land, HSBC, UBS, Goldman Sachs, Royal Bank of Canada, Morgan Stanley, Citywire, Permira, Prudential, Manulife, Sun Life, AIA, Randstad, Mercer, HKBN, IMD, Tata, Thermo Fisher and Thomson Reuters.

Keynote speech takeaways include:

  • Thrive amidst change and uncertainty – for we live in a changing world
  • Embrace challenge – rather than avoid or resent it
  • Collaborate better – for we cannot make it on our own
  • Persevere under pressure and rise from setback – for no one gets an entirely smooth ride through life
  • Achieve great goals – with focus and motivation
  • Harness fears and take the best risks – with courage and good decisions
  • Improve self-care and wellness – thus increasing happiness and reducing burnout
  • Grow in self-discipline – not with willpower, but with good strategy

Rob Lilwall is a Certified Speaking Professional, accredited by the National Speakers Association (USA). He is the author of two books, Cycling Home From Siberia and Walking Home From Mongolia – these expeditions are also the subject of his two television series with National Geographic. He has spoken in over 20 countries and over 50 cities around the world and is based in Hong Kong from where he regularly travels globally to speak at conferences and corporate events.



"Rob comes across with passion and engaged our audience with humour and empathy which were both appreciated. Since his talk, we have had several discussions where we have referred to his own safety 'principles' and his stories have 'stuck' far more than any statics or numbers could."

China Light and Power (CLP)

"I have worked in Financial Services for over 28 years, and have attended many conferences that involved a professional speaker to end the day with a bang! Well, boy did Rob deliver! It was funny, heartfelt, and 100% relatable to bankers, even though he was talking about trekking for 1,000s of miles. His compassion and way of engaging the group was amazing. Keeping 120 bankers engaged for an hour is difficult! He left us wanting more!"

UBS (Hong Kong)

"Rob Lilwall's journey is amazing. His story is a great way for organizations to deliver a unique way of thinking, focusing on the growth mindset, the importance of clear goals, self-focus, reflection, perseverance, connections, risk taking and problem-solving."


Microsoft (Japan & Canada)

"Rob brings a degree of authenticity that is difficult to find thesedays. His message is grounded in humble personal experienceand connects some very real and essential elements of human nature to the business world. Refreshingly different!"

CBRE (Thailand)

"His style, his content, and his character captivated the room, and the level of engagement was palpable... he made every person feel as if they were having a personal conversation with him, and the result was 100% delivery on the intent of his message... it resonated and left the audience truly moved. I encourage anyone looking to produce these types of experiences and results to connect with Rob and share your needs; I guarantee he will deliver beyond expectation."

ADP (Hong Kong)





The world of adventure is full of uncertainty, pressure and opportunity: un-bridged rivers, extreme weather, unknown people. In the business world the challenges look different: evolving technology, disruptive competition, a changing workforce. In both, however, it is our mindset that makes the difference between failure and success. In his highly entertaining and interactive speeches, Rob reflects on the mindsets that help us deal with change, challenge and setback. 


He tailors his messages to the client's specific context and desired outcomes.

The four key mindsets that Rob addresses are:



Business leaders and psychologists alike are hailing the concept of a growth mindset – the belief that through intentional effort, deliberate practice and gritty persistence we can improve our abilities and skills. A Growth Mindset has also been at the heart of Rob’s adventures, for he has learnt first-hand the power of embracing challenge, trying his best, and growing much in the process. In his speeches, he brings the concept to life, challenging the limiting beliefs of the audience so that they come to believe in their ability to grow, especially when times are tough.


Fear is a powerful emotion that can be useful for keeping us safe. But it can also be unhelpful, as it generates a fight, flight or freeze instinct which can hijack our thinking. Rob reflects on his own battle with fear and his efforts to learn courage. He illustrates how through understanding our fears we can learn to harness them to energise rather than hinder us. Rob also considers the topic of risk-taking, and how in a world of rapid change, taking no risks is not an option. He reflects on how to assess risks and how to find the courage to take them.


Resilience is the ability to endure through and bounce back from a tough experience, instead of burning out or giving up. Resilience is not fixed, but rather can be cultivated and enhanced through ongoing development and the intentional use of specific tools. Using personal and vulnerable stories Rob unpacks the importance of self-care, self-efficacy, focus, meaningful goals,  and realistic optimism. And in fact, by practicing resilience in tough times, we open ourselves up to tremendous growth.


Although Rob has often been alone on his expeditions, he could never have made it on his own. He has had to seek boats across seas, guides through jungles, and places to stay on remote mountain passes. Rob explains powerful applications of a collaborative mindset for the corporate world, whether it be in networking for sales, working as a team to achieve a great goal, or seeking good advice from coaches and mentors who will help us make good business decisions and become more effective.



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