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“Rob’s ability to intertwine themes that are so important to thrive in the corporate world be they a growth mindset, perseverance, focus, partnership, balanced risk were very resonant. I would highly recommend Rob.”

- Deutsche Bank (Hong Kong)

“I highly recommend Rob if you are looking for a keynote speaker who would take speaker brief seriously and could inspire a large group with tailor-made content! Thank you Rob, your professionalism and charisma were truly impressive.”

- Gartner (Mumbai)

“Rob brings a degree of authenticity that is difficult to find these days. His message is grounded in humble personal experience and connects some very real and essential elements of human nature to the business world. Refreshingly different!”

- CBRE (Thailand)

“His style, his content, and his character captivated the room, and the level of engagement was palpable. He made every person feel as if they were having a personal conversation with him, and the result was 100% delivery on the intent of his message. I encourage anyone looking to produce these types of results to connect with Rob and share your needs; I guarantee he will deliver beyond expectation.”


“Rob Lilwall’s journey is amazing. His story is a great way for organizations to deliver a unique way of thinking, focusing on the growth mindset, the importance of clear goals, self-focus, reflection, perseverance, connections, risk-taking and problem solving.”

- Microsoft (Japan & Canada)