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“Rob cleverly takes lessons from his adventures & applies them to business, whether it be management or sales. There are not enough original speakers with positive takeaways for their audiences, Rob Lilwall is surely one.”

- Former President of Million Dollar Round Table (Thailand)

“In previous years, speakers at Asian Private Banker’s Family Office Summit have included Kenneth Taylor (“The real hero of Argo”) and Al Gore (45th Vice-President of the United States). This year we had Rob Lilwall, and he certainly did not let us down. Through a combination of endearing humility and granite determination, Rob delighted and motivated a riveted audience.”

- Asian Private Banker (Hong Kong)

“Rob was a fabulous keynote speaker for our 2017 Global Summit in Shanghai. He brilliantly tailored his themes around embracing challenge and collaboration to suit our global audience, and his captivating personality and story ended with a standing ovation from the room. We couldn’t have asked for better!”

- Radius Travel (China)

“Rob’s talk exceeded all our expectations…Rob pushed us to explore outside our comfort zone, by showing us the different between Growth vs. Fixed mindset and how to leverage stress rather than be constrained by it.”

- HKBN (Hong Kong)

“Rob is able to translate and relate his experiences into impactful learning for all. Rob understands how to inspire and motivate his participants by pitching his talks to the different levels of audiences. I like the worksheets that he prepared for the participants – a practical takeaway for everyone.”

- Alliance Bank (Malaysia)

“The key learnings that Rob presented were a great asset and nicely supported our overall message of the conference. Our audience of start-ups and investors had a clear benefit in the transformation from travel and adventure to founding and financing start-ups!”

- Hi-Tech Grunder Funds (Germany)

“Rob has that rare ability of articulating the courage and discipline gained from his remarkable adventures to a corporate setting, resulting in an inspired message which was highly motivational, uplifting and engaging. Rob is a great presenter and a wonderful person.”

- Asia Insurance News (Hong Kong)

“Rob rocks. So happy and lucky to have Rob speaking to actuaries and accountants who are all embarking on a once in a life time journey. Rob’s able to adapt, engage and tailor to the messages that are highly engaging and inspiring to all. All of us are now motivated to rise to the challenge and achieve the impossible.”

- AIA (Thailand)

“Well, boy did Rob deliver! It was funny, heartfelt, and 100% relatable to bankers, even though he was talking about trekking for 1,000s of miles. His compassion and way of engaging the group was amazing. Keeping 120 bankers engaged for an hour is difficult! He left us wanting more! Thank you, Rob!”

- UBS (Hong Kong)

“Rob comes across with passion and engaged our audience with humour and empathy which were both appreciated. Since his talk, we have had several discussions where we have referred to his own safety ‘principles’ and his stories have ‘stuck’ far more than any statics or numbers could.”

- CLP (Hong Kong)