Speech for Mars-Wrigley in Hong Kong

Great fun to give a keynote speech to Mars Wrigley Confectionery today in Hong Kong… the big difference with this one was that my wife Christine Liu Lilwall joined me on the stage to translate into Cantonese!

In particular we focused on three key messages:

  • When we encounter problems – don’t fixate on the problem, but instead ask, “what are my options right now?” (very helpful when lost in a jungle in Papua New Guinea – or when a challenge comes up in the office).
  • On the power of being a generous “giver” – trying to help others in our team to do well. It makes life more satisfying, and helps the whole team move forward.
  • On how when we take calculated risks we often get unexpected rewards (in my case – during three years Cycling Home From Siberia, I got the unexpected reward of finding a wife!)

Thank you very much to Jenny Loh for inviting us to come and give the motivational speech to her teams.