Why you don’t have a coach…?

Rob Lilwall and Trevor Smith

Last month, I met the world’s number one coach, Dr. Marshall Goldsmith at an event I was speaking at in Mumbai.

One thing he asked the audience in his talk was:

“How many of the world’s professional tennis players have a coach?”

Obvious answer: “All of them.”

“So if you are a serious professional in another field, why don’t you have a coach?”

Great point Marshall!

For the past four years, I have been fortunate to have a business coach in HK to help take my speaking business to the next level – Trevor Smith who runs the The Orchard Partnership.

With his help, my business has more than trebled in profits.

Yesterday Trevor took me for lunch at the FCC HK, and we had a very helpful 90 minutes talking about a particular aspect of the business which I felt I needed to improve in – I gained some seriously powerful nuggets which I know will be extremely helpful, and make the small investment I spent on the meeting pay for itself 10x or 20x, or 30x over.

If you don’t have a coach, what excuses do you give for not having one?

Think how those excuses would sound coming from the mouth of an aspiring professional tennis player who is serious about succeeding?

Thank you again Trevor.