Keynote speech for Al-Futtaim (Inditex) in Singapore

My final motivational speech in March was for the Al-Futtaim Group in Singapore. Thank you to Majd Ahsan Syed and Sujit Radhakrishnan for inviting me.

Al-Futtaim are the franchisee of Inditex in Asia (if you haven’t heard of Inditex you’ll have heard of their biggest clothing brand – Zara).

The clothing retail industry, like most industries, is undergoing rapid change. It strikes me that the global business environment of uncertainty, challenge and high-consequence decisions is increasingly similar to being on an adventure.

On an adventure you don’t know what challenges are around the next corner. Your bicycle might break, there might be a flooded river, you might meet a mysterious character who you have to decide whether to trust or not. And in both the business and on adventures, as much as any qualifications or prior experience, it is our attitudes that are key.

The question is, how do we develop good attitudes?