Keynote Speech for Glory Global Solutions, Japan

Many thanks to Ben Thorpe for inviting me to speak to the APAC leaders of GLORY GLOBAL SOLUTIONS LTD yesterday, in Himeji, Japan.

A few things I have learnt through doing this gig:
1. Glory is a world-leading provider of cash technology solutions.
2. Himeji has a very cool castle!
3. The APAC leaders of Glory were a very engaged and interesting group of people.

Lastly, the way I got the gig reminded me of something important.

Ben invited me after seeing me speak at Miller Heiman Group client event in Singapore last year.

For me the best sign that a speech has truly gone well is when members of the audience invite me to speak at their own events, or they recommend me to their colleagues/contacts, who then go on to book me.

I find having at the centre of my business plan the idea of “a continuously improving product that my audience and clients will happily recommend to others” makes work a lot more fun and satisfying!

(Much more fun than if my marketing claims are better than my product!).