A new record for me – three keynote speeches in two countries in one day! (Hyatt, Cemcoa Group, Randstad)

Perhaps my craziest ever speaking day yesterday – 3 speeches for 3 different clients in 2 different countries.

9.05am – 1 hour keynote to Hyatt’s Asia GMs, at the beautiful Grand Hyatt Seoul.
10.05am – finish speech, jump in car to airport, board plane to HK.
3.35pm – land Hong Kong, Uber to Aberdeen Marina Club.
5.15pm – 1 hour keynote for Cemcoa’s (a commodity company) offsite.
6.15pm – finish speech, MTR to HK Central.
7.30pm – 30 minute speech at Randstad’s Employer Brand Awards.
9.20pm – ferry home (feeling frazzled!).

All of them were great to be a part of.

Thank you to Julie Goleman , Charles Whittaker, Frederick Wong, Lelia Konyn, Natellie Sun (Natellie Hallahan), Melanie Yu for inviting me to speak at your events.