How to develop a positive mindset

Cycling across a Siberian river

In my speech to Glory Global Solutions in Japan last week, we reflected on how to nurture a positive mindset – something that’s important on an expedition and also in business.

Research shows that with a more positive mindset we are more creative, more resilient, and more successful!

Of course, we have varying natural tendencies to be more positive or negative, but research also shows that we can nurture our positivity.

One way to do this is through brainstorming the positives in an ostenisbly negative situation. For example, in the photo below (cycling across a Siberian river) there are plenty of potential negatives, namely I’m:
-In the middle of nowhere

But if we intentionally brainstorm, there are many positives too. I’m:
-Having the adventure of a lifetime
-In a place of great beauty
-On an expedition with a best friend
-Learning life-changing lessons
-Meeting cool Russians
-Facing my fears
-Stretching myself to my limits

You can do this very simple activity whenever you are faced by a stressful situation. So next time you receive a discouraging email, or feel nervous about an upcoming meeting, spend 2 minutes brainstorming all the positives about the situation – it will lift your spirits, and improve your attitude.