Summary of Dan & Chip Heath’s new book, The Power of Moments

The Power of Moments

Recently read Dan & Chip Heath’s latest book, The Power of Moments. It’s about how we usually leave the defining moments of life to chance, but there are in fact intentional ways we can CREATE defining moments.
Here are my top takeaways:

  • Powerful moments usually come not from long experiences, but from flagship MOMENTS – which are short, memorable & meaningful
    -Ask when a defining moment would be helpful for your teams or family, E.G. first day of work; reaching a savings target at the bank; your child faces a fear
  • To create a defining moment, make use of SURPRISE, MEANING, and APPRECIATION (e.g. after your child has faced a little fear, throw a surprise party, and give a short speech about how much you appreciate them & admire their courage).
    -In customer service, create surprising, well-planned moments for customers when you make up for a mistake (customers remember mistake recovery more than they do perfect service)
  • We gain life-changing insightful moments for ourselves by getting out of our comfort zones (this is what I find on expeditions too!)

Conferences are a superb opportunity for powerful moments, but make sure you:

  • Don’t just give the audience information, give them an experience
  • Have a clear insight you are leading them towards