New brand!

New Rob Lilwall branding by Step works

I have a new brand!

It’s this: 

“Rob Lilwall, the extra ordinary adventurer”

To explain: the space between extra/ordinary is deliberate.

I’m extra ordinary, especially ordinary, completely ordinary.

But I’ve ended up doing some interesting and difficult things. This is the core of my message.

We don’t have to be the cleverest, toughest or most extrovert person in the room to step up to big new challenges and figure out a way to succeed at them.

That is what I’ve surprised myself by doing on various adventures which have involved cycling and walking 80,000km across the world.

The tagline is “It’s surprising how far a little extra can take you”

A little extra what…?

It could be a little extra:
– Growth Mindset
– Self-Discipline
– Good Habits
– Determination

These can all change your trajectory, and that can take you further than you could have imagined.

What is the “little extra” you need to add to your life today?

Huge thanks to the highly creative team at Stepworks for developing this new brand, especially Stephen BarryMichelle LeeMichelle MirallesDenis Vodisek, and Paul Rigby