How to thrive: we must be realistic

Walking the Gobi
A long way to go… walking the Gobi before 6 months of trek through China

We must be realistic: we might only be 1/3 of the way through this pandemic (who knows)

Hong Kong has had it since January and we just entered our 3rd wave.

So, right now, it’s natural to feel fatigued.

Here are 3 quick reminders from my expeditions, to help us make it:

1. On expeditions, it’s vital to know what you’re trying to achieve each day (e.g. move forwards 10 more miles). So in life – be clear on what you want to achieve each day, and try and move a few steps forward. This brings both progress and a boosted morale.

2. On expeditions, you have to constantly balance progress with looking after yourself. It’s been said lots recently, but we must prioritise self-care. We can’t always go at 110%, especially when times are tough. How can you improve your sleep, exercise, or quality social time by 10% this week?

Starting our 5 month tandem ride across the USA from Venice Beach, LA

3. Be kind to your teams. On expeditions with more than one person (like tandeming across the US with my wife!) it’s vital that we ALL move at a sustainable pace – otherwise, things will go wrong. A recent Harvard Business Review article emphasised that managers should “adjust expectations of teams (without lowering the bar)”. Make sure everyone is really okay. Encourage them to genuinely look themselves and move at a sustainable pace.

The shadow of my wife and me on our tandem bicycle

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