Self-care can be fun

Amid this long, super-high stress year, it is vital we’re proactive in looking after ourselves.

But self-care does not have to be boring and tedious!

A fun way to boost yourself (physically, emotionally & mentally) is to set yourself a challenge.

I am part of our local open-water swimmers’ group. Every Sunday a.m. we swim for an hour in the sea – 30 mins out, 30 mins back. I am not a great swimmer, and one of the slowest members. But this year someone suggested a big swim from a nearby town back to ours (DB-Mui Wo if you’re familiar with HK).

I said I was “in” though it seemed a heck of a long way (6km). But it gave a focus for training and was exciting to look forward to. Someone organised a support boat and some kayaks – so it wasn’t dangerous. And then yesterday, we did it – socially distanced! It took me over 3 hours and was exhausting. But it was such fun, and so good for me.

I really recommend you set yourself a challenge for the 2nd half of this year.

It will boost your morale, health and resilience – and be fun!

Quick tips – do something that:

  • is with friends/family/colleagues
  • is beyond your comfort zone
  • feels adventurous
  • is safe
  • will fit into one weekend

What could YOU do?
Brainstorm with your friends, family or colleagues.

Make self-care fun!

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