Fancy starting a book club?

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In the last few years, and then especially during Covid, I have got really into bookclubs!

I think it is a good self-care habit to learn during this tough time. 

Reasons to be in a book club:

  1. You get accountability to read a book (and reading good books is a good thing to do I think). You will read more, because you have a deadline. (By the way – if you think you don’t have time to read books, remember you only need to read 15 minutes a day to read a 300-page book in a month [at average reading speed])
  2. You get to enjoy and understand the book twice – once on reading, once in discussing
  3. The book club is an excuse to get together regularly (in-person or virtually) – so you get to see your friend(s) more!

My tips for running a successful book club: 

  • Do bookclubs with friends you want to spend time with anyway (but they have to be up for it)
  • Keep to not many people (max 2 couples or 3 people)
  • Choose a theme for the club (a certain author, a certain century, a certain genre)
  • Take turns to choose a book (and only veto is if someone has read it before)
  • Keep book choices shortish (under 300 pages)
  • Don’t be too ambitious; have the book clubs every month or every two months

There are plenty of resources online, even websites that help you organise a book club (if it’s for more than just you and one or two good friends I guess!).

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