Delayed benefit of networking

Have you ever found you only get the benefit of making an effort with networking many years later?

About 5 years ago, the foreign rights manager at my London publisher mentioned I should meet their counterpart in China next time I was there. I said I’d try. 

About 6 months later, I was in Beijing to give a motivational speech, so I got in touch and we had a coffee. I told them about my latest book (Walking Home From Mongolia), and they said they’d ask around the Chinese publishers to see if anyone was interested in translating it.

About a year later – I heard they had found someone.

A year after that, it got published in Chinese – but I never saw the book.

And then last week, almost 5 years after the initial conversation in London, I suddenly received 5 copies of the Chinese edition in the post. That made me very happy! 

Walking Home From Mongolia
Walking Home from Mongolia, Chinese edition

Sometimes, our efforts with networking and building important new work relationships are not rewarded for a long time – but then, much later, they are, and that makes it very worthwhile.

Can you relate to this? 

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