Taking my writing and social media posts too seriously?

Sometimes I take my writing and even my social media posts too seriously… The following, from “Midnight in Paris” reminds me not to… (does this also apply to social media – we secretly hate anyone writing better posts than us!!)



H: What are you writing?

G: A novel

H: About what?

G: A man who works in a nostalgia shop

H: What the hell’s that?

G: Where they sell old things. Does that sound terrible to you?

H: No subject is terrible if the story is true. If the prose is clean & honest and if it affirms courage & grace under pressure

G: Would you do me the biggest favour in the world – I can’t even ask

H: What?

G: Would you read it? It’s only 400 pages – if you could just give me your opinion

H: My opinion is I hate it

G: You do?

H: If it’s bad I’ll hate it because I hate bad writing and if it’s good I’ll be envious and hate it all the more. You don’t want the opinion of another writer… Writers are competitive.

G: I could never compete with you

H: You’re too self-effacing – it’s not manly. If you’re a writer, declare yourself the best writer – but you’re not the best as long as I’m around. Unless you want to put the gloves on & settle it

G: No – that’s ok