Adapt quickly and always learn

Last week I gave a fun virtual motivational speech for leaders from RBC. The theme was around one of their values: “Adapt Quickly and Always Learn”

I like this value. It’s a catchy reminder of how to respond to challenges (and we all face challenges these days). It also encapsulates a vital attitude for expeditions.

Rob and cart in desert of death
Pulling my cart in the desert of death

So, in my session we talked about:

– hauling a cart through a 1,000 km maze of desert. It involved adapting to learn how to navigate & survive (see video!). It’s the same in work, when we face new challenges, if we keep adapting and learning, we will make progress and get to the end.

– another example was after I faced a close call with heatstroke. I had to adapt to a more sustainable routine so I took breaks in the heat of the day, and hauled in the cooler hours. It’s the same at work – sometimes we must change our routine to gain resilience.

– Feeling overwhelmed by the distance I still had to go was another challenge. Here, I adapted my mindset from thinking about my end or even my daily goal, to focus on taking 10 more steps. When overwhelmed, focusing on “the next right thing” is very empowering.

“Adapt quickly and always learn” sounds nice, but isn’t easy. But with perseverance, if we keep trying, gradually it becomes natural!

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