Cycling Home From Siberia Book

Cycling Home From Siberia book


Cycling Home From Siberia (Hodder & Stoughton, 2010) tells the story of Rob’s classic three-year bicycle ride from northeast Russia back to London, via Papua New Guinea, Tibet and Afghanistan. Along the way he camped at -40C, was robbed at gunpoint, and hitch-hiked on boats across the sea.

“I’m not sure Rob Lilwall knows it, but he has penned a two-wheeled classic” – The Guardian

“Lilwall’s story is a remarkable one… enhanced by the fact that he has a writer’s skill for conveying a sense of place” – The Sunday Telegraph

“A rite-of-passage adventure full of thrills, excitement and endurance test… If you’re a cyclist – and even if you’re not – go for this book” – The Irish Times