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If you travel lots for business, but don’t get to see beyond the airport, transfer, and hotel… check out this.

My oldest adventuring buddy Alastair Humphreys was in Hong Kong to give a keynote, and when he was done, instead of staying in a hotel, we went on a HK microadventure. It cost almost nothing, was tonnes of fun, and certainly a lot more memorable than staying in the hotel!

I was back at work at 9am the next morning and Al caught his flight!

Al has now done microadventures all over the world.

Is this something you could try? Sounds impossible? What’s stopping you?

Next week I’m giving a keynote in Japan, and plan to try the same thing on my own in the Japanese hills before flying home.

Thank you Al for the inspiration of microadventures! Look forward to the next one.

(N.B. I feel I have to point out… the snoring footage… was when I was impersonating AL’S snoring the next morning – but he filmed me and cut it into the film!)

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