“Never enough” – a challenging quote

Just read the first chapter of Brené Brown's challenging book "Daring Greatly." She quotes this extremely compelling paragraph from Lynne Twist: “For me, and for many of us, our first waking thought of the day is "I didn’t get enough sleep." The next one is "I don't...

Sneak preview of my new film

Sneak preview of the opening of my new film (about a solo walk across the world's second biggest sand desert- this is Rough Cut...

Summary of Dan & Chip Heath’s new book, The Power of Moments

Recently read Dan & Chip Heath’s latest book, The Power of Moments. It’s about how we usually leave the defining moments of life to chance, but there are in fact intentional ways we can CREATE defining moments. Here are my top takeaways: -Powerful moments usually come...

Does winning this prize entitle me to call myself an “award winning”? Technically, yes. But actually, no.

The prize was in a competition for a company that makes beach wheels, called Wheeleez. I used the wheels on a cart which I hauled across the world’s second biggest sand desert, the Taklamakan, in China, in 2016. This made for some fairly epic photos. And to my delight, I won the competition.

But I don’t think it makes me an award winning adventurer/photographer, because the competition category is too narrow! I think a good test for when we can boast of being “award winning” is if we would be happy for a famous person to ask me what my award was actually for. If I had to say “The wheeleez beach cart photo competition” I would be embarrassed.

I am grateful to keynote sales speaker Tom Abbott who recently challenged me about this in a speech he gave in Hong Kong. But although I won’t be adding “award winning” to my LinkedIn profile right now, I am still pleased I entered the competition. And what was the prize?

A brand new wheeleez beach trolley – perfect for the next expedition!