A habit I started last year that I’m very glad about

Minus 40 degrees celsius

One of the new habits that I enjoyed forming last year (and I will keep this year) was to almost entirely give up the news!

According to Shawn Achor‘s research, if you watch 3 minutes of negative news in the morning (which is what most news headlines entail), compared to solution-focused news, you are 27% more likely to report an unhappy day later on. So I deleted all my news apps, and every Friday read the Economist – which seems to give a thoughtful, balanced and global summary and also offers solutions to the problems it describes.

If something of major importance happens, I always hear about it from someone, but most news can wait until Friday. This new habit has:

Given me a clearer head, for book writing, speech giving, and decision making.

Made me happier! Freed up much time.

Made me less anguished about the state of world!

Given me a sense of control about where I direct my attention.

So rather than let the internet choose for you, think about what your ideal week would look like, and make a strategy for putting that habit in place. You do have a choice about where to direct your attention.