The secret to success? Two of the world’s richest men agreed on the same thing

Warren Buffet

I recently watched a documentary about Warren Buffet.

The film touched on his friendship with Bill Gates.

Before they knew each other well, someone asked them both to sit down and, without conferring, write down the secret of their success.

Both wrote the same word.


The answer fascinated me.


Clarity about that one key thing we are trying to achieve, and then living in a disciplined way to make progress towards it, without getting distracted.

It’s the same on an expedition. Walking across the Taklamakan Desert last year was one of my toughest ever expeditions – but focus on the key desired outcome (of walking out the other end, alive!) gave me strength when I was tired or things went wrong, it helped me decide which way to go, it stopped me wasting energy on things that were not my focus.

  • What about you, in your workplace?
  • What is the primary thing you need to focus on this quarter?
  • What is the primary thing you need to focus on today?
  • What is the next action you need to do right now?