Carving out 10 mins to think creatively

Carving out 10 mins to think creatively. Sounds like a luxury. It shouldn’t be.

When I was cycling home to England from Siberia, because I had plenty of time just sitting and pedal, I had time to think of creative solutions to the ‘problems’ I was facing. Some of them were more serious, like how to get through Afghanistan, others were more fun, like how to film my journey when I was mainly on my own!

Below is a short video showing different ways I came up with, hope you’ll enjoy it!

How to self-film a TV show for National Geographic

I learned that what sounds impossible at first, with a bit of creativity, is often possible.

And in my case, with some luck, being creative with my filming also brought about unexpected opportunities – as National Geographic bought my footage and made a six-part series!

You might not be sitting on a saddle for hours, but you can still carve out 10 minutes in your busy day to just sit and think, or better still, go for a walk and think. You’d never know what solutions you might come up with!

If you’d like to spend more than 10 mins to think creatively, in fact, a lot more time, creating space for thinking, I’d highly advise a silent retreat. Read more about my silent retreat experience.

And if you’re wanting to be more active whilst taking more time to think and be creative, with all the travel restrictions at the moment it’s not a bad idea to consider doing a “microadventure” – read more about the one my friend Al Humphreys and I did a while back.