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Recently my wife was chatting with a friend. The friend had a successful career, but felt discouragd. She was not sure why, so she spent some time with a therapist. It was expensive, but helpful. What did she learn?

She realised that she was afraid of being disliked, and when she thought people disliked her, it made her feel awful.

But then she had a breakthrough realisation: “Approximately one in five people won’t like me, for no particular reason. And that’s okay!”

I have the same experience. Sometimes, when I meet someone at a social gathering, or if I’m on an expedition and I ask for advice, about one in five people are not very friendly.

I do not know the reason– maybe I remind them of someone they don’t like, or maybe they’re just having a bad day! But that’s okay. That’s life. “

Approximately one in five people won’t like you, for no particular reason. And that’s okay!”

If you remembered this insight, would it be helpful next time you get snubbed?

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