Negatives and positives

In most situations

In most situations, there are negatives and positives.

We all know that if we focus on the negatives, we tend to feel more despondent and negative. If we focus on the positives, we tend to feel more energised, happy, and positive.

Messe Frankfurt

Last week it was great fun to complete a series of three virtual motivational speaker sessions with Messe Frankfurt GmbH. We reflected on the tough situation I found myself in in the Desert of Death, but actually, how there were plenty of positives too – and by focusing on those, I had more strength to keep going.

Negatives and positives experience
We can choose to reframe the situation we are in
Big Dunes
Huge dunes in the Desert of Death
Cart on its side
My cart overturned

For example, when I was in the Desert of Death, I could see it as a negative experience – it was hot, I was lonely, exhausted, it felt dangerous and terrifying to be on my own in the vast desert. On the other end, I listed the positives of my situation – the desert, though vast and empty, was beautiful. Few people had the opportunity to have so much silence and solitude, and there I was! It was an adventure, part of what makes my career interesting. Moreover, it pays the bills, and even builds my skills and character and constitutes good exercise!

Applying this

We should not deny the negatives (our brains are not so easily fooled). But we can consciously remind ourselves of the positives – and so reap the benefits of feeling happier and more energised… and this will lead us to more success (and thus a positive feedback loop begins).

Can you list 20 positive things about your work situation right now?

P.S. this exercise of listing 20 positive things also works really well in relationships – the next time just before you see someone special in your life, try listing 20 specific good things about them, and see how you feel! 

To read more about how I coped with harsh conditions and the never-endingness of the desert, read my other post The next ten steps.

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